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Our Residents

Flu Shot Clinic Draws Many at Riverview Apartments

Flu Shot Clinic Draws Many at Riverview Apartments

Residents at Riverview Apartments got some free protection against the seasonal flu that knocks many down during the cold winter months.

CVS Pharmacist Daniel Lamontagne spent the morning of Dec. 15 in the Community Room at Riverview, giving the shots to all visitors who came by.

Residents at Riverview were notified with flyers at their doors. Many stopped by to protect themselves from the contagious respiratory illness that typically lays victims down for a few days at minimum.

Greta Pinto, who lives at 117 Sanderson St., said she made her mind up on the flu shot the moment she read the flyer that came to her door.

“I don’t want the flu. I saw the write-up and I said, ‘I’ll be there.’ I know this is going to protect me,” Pinto said.

Flu Shot Clinic draws many at Riverview Apartments

CVS pharmacist Daniel Lamontagne helps Riverview resident Greta Pinto with forms before she gets her flu shot.

Lamontagne said CVS likes to deliver flu shots to spots where many people, especially elderly people, live, including Riverside. The pharmacist took insurance information where available, but anyone who came by got the quick shot.

“For us, it’s about community outreach. We do it as a service for the residents of Springfield. Our goal is to get people immunized and to keep people healthy during flu season,” he said.

Lamontagne said this season’s flu will be similar to the variety that struck last year.

Those who caught the flu last year may remember a fever and chills, and then being in bed for a few days, or even up to a week. The flu often ends with a bad cold.

Flu vaccines are generally good for about six months. The Center for Disease Control recommends a yearly flu shot for everyone six months and older. Flu vaccines are especially important for pregnant women, children between the ages of two and five, those ages 50 and older, and people who work in the health care field.

The clinic at Riverside lasted through the morning, and drew a steady stream of health-conscious men and women.

“I didn’t make it to my doctor’s office for the flu shot yet,” said Lillie Zachery, who lives at 69 Sanderson St. “When I heard about this I came right over. I don’t want to get the flu.”

SHA building and grounds staffer Stacy Forrette stopped by with a co-worker for a quick shot to the arm.

“I’ve never had a flu shot before. When I heard they were giving them here, I figured why not? It’s a great thing for the residents,” Forrette said.

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