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Holiday crafts at Robinson Garden Apartments

Holiday crafts at Robinson Garden Apartments

The Community Room at Springfield Housing Authority’s Robinson Gardens Apartments turned into Santa’s Workshop on a recent evening, with mothers and children happily crafting snow globes, stand-up paper trees and sparkling cookies.

The event at the family housing development in the Pine Point neighborhood featured a table full of colorful paper, glue, mason jars, scissors and other craftsy items ready for fun and action.

SHA’s Talk/Read/Succeed! Outreach Coordinator Lynne Cimino heads up the holiday crafts event at Robinson Gardens Apartments.

Event leader was Lynne Cimino, outreach coordinator for the Talk/Read/Succeed! program that promotes literacy among children and families, and ultimately, independence. She said the holiday-themed crafts evening was meant to bring people together around the winter festivities.

“We’re community building tonight,” said Cimino, who recently bought and erected a 15-foot evergreen tree and decked it out in lights and garland for the enjoyment of the Robinson Gardens families.

Laura Diaz and her daughter Alliyah Rodriguez pause from their work to share a hug and a smile.

“With fun events like this, we’re getting families together to make things that will create lasting memories. This is a chance to get everyone in the holiday spirit,” she added.

Indeed, Laura Diaz said she was happy to bring her nine-year-old daughter Aaliyan Rodriguez to make holiday crafts, because she knew it would be a chance to socialize with neighbors. Oh, and make things to give as gifts, or keep.

“It’s close to home and it’s a nice activity for both of us,” Diaz noted. “I knew that some of the children we know would be here, so I thought it would be fun.”

Alberto Valentin, 5, became an expert at making snow globes.

Her daughter Aaliyah dove into her projects, decided on colors for two snow globes, one of which she planned to give to a friend.

“I like this because it’s arts and crafts,” explained the child, a fourth-grader at the Rebecca M. Johnson School. “It’s fun, and we get to bring stuff home with us.”

Ivette Fernandez was happy to bring her sons, Hancel and Alberto Valentin, to the event. As an enthusiastic seasonal decorator of her home, both inside and out, she is always up for making things – and so are her children.

Holiday crafts at Robinson Gardens Apartments.

“Doing crafts is what we do, all the time,” Fernandez said. “It’s good for all of us because we’re doing things together.”

Cimino said the holiday crafts event will make a return next year, same location.

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