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Our Residents

New trucks update SHA maintenance fleet

New trucks update SHA maintenance fleet

Six new trucks have been added to the maintenance
fleet at Springfield Housing Authority, the start of a much needed cycle of
upgrading of vehicles.

Mechanic I Richard Daigneault, Deputy Executive Director Nicole Kane, Executive Director Denise Jordan and Mechanic II Sergio Ramon stand in front of SHA’s six new Ford trucks.

The six new Ford F-250 Super Duty vehicles are on
the roads as official SHA maintenance trucks. The purchase was the first for
the fleet in eight years, and resulted in the ‘retirement’ of the oldest and
most used six trucks.

SHA Executive Director Denise Jordan said the purchase was a
preventative safety measure to replace our aging vehicles and upgrade the fleet
of 30.

“Kudos to our maintenance staff for working miracles on our
fleet while waiting for this much needed addition,” Jordan said.

“In order for our
maintenance crews to maintain our properties, we need proper transportation to
travel throughout the districts. Having broken vehicles limited their ability
to serve our residents in a timely fashion when trucks were out of commission
for repairs,” Jordan added.

One of the brand new F-250 Super Duty Ford vehicles now part of SHA’s fleet.

The trucks are a great
move to upgrade a fleet that has been aging steadily in recent years.

John Healy, director
of capital improvements and purchasing, said the new trucks are an important
step for keeping the fleet up-to-date, and for ensuring a safe delivery of services
at SHA developments.

“The vehicles we were
able to get rid of had aged beyond their useful life,” Healy said. “These will
help better serve our residents and will also make our maintenance staff
respond in a more timely manner, with no worries about breakdowns and repairs.”

Staff with new Ford trucks.

“We’re going to more
regularly replacing our fleet so it will stay up to date,” Healy said.

Staff are pleased with
the new vehicles.

Mechanic I Richard
Daigneault said he is hearing all good things about the additions to the fleet.

“All the foremen are pleased to have new trucks. It
will make all of our work easier, no worries about breakdowns. Everyone is
happy,” he said.

“It’s very good day for us and for our residents,”
Daigneault added.

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