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Community Events

Fresh Produce – Brought to Saab Court Every Wednesday

Fresh Produce – Brought to Saab Court Every Wednesday

Purple eggplants, juicy red apples, crunchy ears of corn, leafy kale and collard greens, are offered in abundance once a week to residents, employees and friends at Saab Court every week.

And there’s plenty more in the colorfully-painted Enterprise Produce truck that pulls up alongside the Saab Court circle every Wednesday at the lunch hour.

Fresh Produce - Brought to Saab Court Every Wednesday

From left to right – Peggy Jobbins, Candra Cripps and Ben Sprague.

Courtesy of the City of Springfield Department of Elder Affairs, the fresh produce makes a weekly stop to provide the SHA family with fresh, affordable food. For many customers, it’s an easy way to stock up on foods that are rich in vitamins and low in fats.

“This is very good for us, because a lot of us don’t have cars to get to the store,” said Saab Court resident Milka Perez, toting a bagful of corn, peppers, potatoes and eggplant.

“They’ve got good vegetables. I come here a lot on Wednesdays,” she said.

Enterprise, a farm in Whately, makes regular runs to provide fresh produce to people living in areas where access is limited, said Ben Sprague, who sells the vegetables from the back of a truck as well as a stand he sets up just outside.

The weekly stop will last through mid-October, he said. Other Wednesday stops in Springfield include the nearby YMCA, Greenleaf Community Center and Pine Point Community Center.

Fresh Produce - Brought to Saab Court Every Wednesday

Saab Court resident Peggie Jobbins

SHA employees like accountant Terri Potito also take advantage of the weekly stop at Saab Court.

“I’m a regular customer,” Potito said. “I love the fresh veggies. They’re so delicious, and it’s so convenient.”

Saab Court resident Peggie Jobbins agreed. “Love it, love it, love it,” she said. “It’s convenient, and it’s fresh. I can’t always get to the store, so this is perfect.”

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