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Our Residents

Local solon donates computer to Riverview Apartments residents

Local solon donates computer to Riverview Apartments residents

State Representative Carlos Gonzalez knows a bit about technology.

And the Springfield-based lawmaker brought his knowledge to bear recently, giving an old and cluttered desktop a revamp at the Riverview Apartments Tenants Council, which has an office on Division Street. While he was at it, he donated one of his own to the group, giving them a needed boost that proves useful every day.

Tenants Council President Racquel Sanchez said Gonzalez is a long-time friend to the neighborhood who is always welcome, and always willing to pitch in a hand when he sees a need. Whether is stopping by to a gathering for a visit, baking his homemade lasagna for the annual holiday parties, or fixing an aging, slow computer, he has proven a true friend over the years.

Springfield Housing Authority Riverview Apartments Tenants Council President Racquel Sanchez with state Rep. Carlos Gonzalez.

“We love him,” Sanchez said. “He’s always willing to help our community and to show support in whatever way he can. We can always count on him.”

For his part, Gonzalez said he forged strong bonds at Riverview while running for the seat he now holds representing the 10th Hampden District, which runs along the Connecticut River and includes the entire western edge of the city, from North End to South End.

When his mother died in August 2014, just one month prior to that election, the ties grew stronger.

“I was out campaigning, it was a tough time for me, and they were just there for me. I got so close to so many people here, they are family to me,” Gonzalez said.

The friendship is ongoing, and growing.

Springfield Housing Authority Executive Director William Abrashkin with state Rep. Carlos Gonzalez.

Recently, Gonzalez used his technical skills to sort out a computer that had become clogged with too much data, and was getting to be too slow to use for much. He did a few repairs and a clean-out, and presto – the desktop is back in running order.

He also noted a need for a second instrument for word processing, recording and working online. So he brought one over himself, a Samsung.

“They had the one computer that had a lot of viruses in it, it was very slow. I came in and cleaned it out, and then I donated another one,” Gonzalez said.

SHA Executive Director William H. Abrashkin praised the Riverview tenants group for its active participation in community, as well as Gonzalez, for his unfailing energy and willingness to work with residents at the public housing development in the city’s Brightwood neighborhood.

SHA Executive Director William Abrashkin, Riverview Apartments Tenants Council President Racquel Sanchez, and state Rep. Carlos Gonzalez.

Representative Gonzalez is a welcome friend at Riverview. He continues to work with and stand by the residents, and we always appreciate that,” Abrashkin said.

Riverview has apartments for both elderly and handicapped, and families, with a total 344 units. As such, it is the city’s largest public housing development.

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